Transformation in Life

Transformation is always an adaptation for something better. Let go of your old identity and trust the universe and nature. Believe that the unknown will definitely be for your goodness.

Transformation! What is it? 

Why is it difficult at times to accept transformation?

Leaving a phase and moving on to another phase or leaving one identity and getting a new identity is transformation.
One of the best examples I can see is the transformation of a Caterpillar to a butterfly. Caterpillar has its own identity but it cannot fly. If it wants to then surely the form of Caterpillar has to die and take a new form. It is not possible to be a Caterpillar and a butterfly at the same time. A flower will become a fruit but then after a certain period of time, the flower has to finish itself to become a fruit.  It cannot be a flower and a fruit together. THAT’S NATURE !!

So when we are in the process of transformation we should accept that something inside us is going to die forever, something has to change inside to ease out the process of transformation. We keep holding our identity at times and then with that clinging we want the
transformation also. No, it is not going to happen. Why is it difficult at times to transform?

Sometimes when we suffer for a longer period. Then that trauma becomes our identity. We have lived in that trauma for so long that we start associating ourselves with that trauma as our identity. And when the time comes for the real transformation we have to come out of that trauma but then there is a feeling of loss, a feeling of losing our identity. Because it was so much part of our life. 

I remember once I met with an accident and I had a plaster on my right hand for 6 months. It had been difficult for me to perform my daily tasks for 6 months. There was pain and irritation but it's weird that the day it was removed from my hand I had this strange feeling of losing something as if a part of me is going away because I accepted it as a part of me during those 6 months. We witness this feeling of loss in the transition stage because somewhere there is fear of the unknown also. We don't know what is going to come no matter how much beautiful it will be but since it is unknown so somewhere we want to cling to what was known. Now what to do in this
transition stage?
Trust nature  I guess. Everything happens in nature on time. So it's the right time for you also. Just go with the flow and experience your new version.

That it's going to be beautiful !!


- Geeta Ranga


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