About us

The Mind can be man’s best friend or it can be man’s worst enemy. The Mind can make or break a person. Yet, there is very little taught in schools or colleges on how to use our Mind effectively.

That’s Why Geeta Ranga started her journey of understanding the mind and its potential in 2015 and today she teaches people how to effectively use their minds for living happier (stress-free), healthier and more successful lives.
Today everyone is depressed and just focusing on materialistic happiness, but the solution of every problem is in our ‘Natural Acceptance’. Therefore, our organization teaches individuals how to develop a positive mindset which believes that “Anything is Possible”. Our organization helps you to know your real version to live a stress-free and happy life by providing the best emotional wellness and stress-free therapy.

What we do?

Train your Subconscious Mind. Here at Silver Lining we conduct various programs like Mind power workshops, Mental health seminars, psychological workshops, Detox and De-stress therapy.

Our Programs

  1. Mind Power Unlimited
  2. Super Student Unlimited
  3. Stress Free Living
  4. Emotional wellness
  5. DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test)

To know more about your various offered programs visit our program page.


The purpose of mental health workshops is to educate people about mental health and how to take care of their own mental health. A variety of locations host these workshops, including schools, colleges, offices, and other places. These programs are conducted by our best Life transformation coach and mental health professional who have experience in dealing with mental health issues.

One such organization that provides mental health workshops is Silver Lining in NCR. We have a mental health curriculum for school students that addresses specific psychosocial concerns that arise at the various stages of growing up, and include physical and emotional changes, identity formation, respect and discipline, communication, relationships, and peer pressure among others. Our workshops are curated and evaluated by our expert of mind power professional. We aim to influence the school and college culture that becomes sensitive to mental health needs and issues for school to be a safe place where we continue to nurture learning but also create a resilient future.
Another way for your workplace to embrace employee mental well-being is by conducting Mindpower Unlimited and Emotional Wellness workshops. Some businesses have launched workshops in their office to help employees with their overall mental well-being. These workshops can help employees with their conditions, struggles or illnesses.

Geeta Ranga- Mind Power Expert, Life Coach, DMIT Counsellor is the best emotional wellness and brain power counsellor. She does a lot of work for women empowerment by providing free vocational courses to underprivileged women. She has conducted many workshops, seminars and motivational talks and has touched many lives. To know more visit our trainer page.

Train your Subconscious Mind, Become the best version of yourself …