Geeta Ranga

Geeta Ranga, Mind Power Expert, Life Coach, DMIT Counsellor

The Mind can be man’s best friend or it can be man’s worst enemy. The Mind can make or break a person. Yet, there is very little taught in schools or colleges on how to use our Minds effectively.




Geeta Ranga, an Entrepreneur and NIFT alumni with a Master’s degree in Garment Manufacturing Technology (1997) also a leading Mind Power Expert and a Life Transformation Coach.

She started her journey of understanding the mind and its potential in 2015 and today she teaches people how to effectively use their minds to live happier (stress-free), healthier, and more successful lives. She also teaches individuals how to develop a positive mindset which believes that “Anything is Possible” She is a founder of a Fashion Institute “Maxx Academy” which she started in 2009 and successfully running to date. She followed her passion for making a difference to people’s lives which started in 2018 by being actively involved in the NGO “Dostiiii”. She does a lot of work for women's empowerment by providing free vocational courses to underprivileged women. She has conducted many workshops, seminars, and motivational talks and has touched many lives. Geeta firmly believes that to thrive in the 21st Century, human beings need to use more of their inner potential i.e. their minds. By effectively using their Inner Potential, human beings can achieve any goal and solve any problem. In short, she believes that all the solutions exist INSIDE and not OUTSIDE. All her work is focused on understanding and using the unlimited potential within.

Geeta is a Law of Attraction Coach a Certified Subconscious Mind Trainer and a DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) counsellor, fingerprint analysis to identify inborn talents. Above all, she has been personally coached and trained by India’s leading Success Coach, Mr.Sunil Parekh. She conducts workshops on Stress-Free Living, Goal Setting, Mind Power, Super Student, and more, motivational talks, and also coaches people personally from all walks of life. Her workshops are transformational in nature and bring about a significant shift in the participant's mindset and attitude towards life and work.


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