Raising your Vibrations

Everything in this world has certain vibrations and we always attract things similar to our vibration. That’s the law of the universe.  So ideally all effort we need to do is raise our vibration,  match it to the things we want, and attract that in our life.


 How do we do that?


 There are a few very simple practices to raise our vibrations. One such practice is of ‘GRATITUDE’

 Saying and feeling thankful for what we have is gratitude.  Start writing a gratitude journal daily. Here you can write all those things for which you can be grateful.  For ex: food, parents, family, friends, nature, home appliances, gadgets, talents, valuables and many others.


Follow these practices also to bring “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” into your life.


  1.  During day time, after every three hours just pause and say thank you.


  1.  Every day write a note to a person and say thank you. He or she could be anyone from your family, friends, teacher, children or even someone at your workplace.  


  1.  Whenever you get a chance,  appreciate the people around you and the beauty around you. It  will change your perspective and bring a lot of positivity in you. 


  1.  When we make it a ritual and start practicing we actually start looking goodness around us.  It was there already but we did not focus on it. Now when we start focusing we will find it. During this process of focusing on goodness, we are actually raising our vibrations. It's like all colors are there but we find that color easily which we focus on. 

What we focus on will multiply in our life because we are giving energy to that thought and the thoughts we are giving energy to will always grow. 

The plant we are giving water will grow.  The things/ habits we are practicing will grow.  This is the law of nature.  So when we start practicing ‘ I HAVE’ actually we are giving more energy to I HAVE and it will grow.  This means I will have more things in my life that I can be thankful for.


  1.  When we pray in front of God we generally ask for wishes to fulfill or at times we complain about what we do not have. 

Here we are addressing the lack that I do not have.  We are feeding this thought and it will grow. And in unawareness, we will attract more of a lack in our life.  So remove focus from lack. It's there, and it's fine but the moment you start focusing on it,  it will grow.  Also, it will bring your vibrations down.  Because the emotion of lack is of low vibration.  So instead whenever you go to any holy place just start saying thank you for whatever you have. Be in gratitude at that time. See how it starts bringing a difference in your life.

Start practicing an attitude of gratitude to raise your vibrations.

  By Geeta Ranga



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