I Do not Care

At times in our lives, we reach a stage when we do not want to justify ourselves. We just do not want to put our point across and prove that I am right. We are not bothered by what the other person or people is thinking about us, about ME. We don't want to prove anything to anybody. We kind of accept whatever the other person is thinking or maybe we are just not bothered because we have reached a stage where we have started understanding “who I am” and most importantly we do not need any external validation for that.

What is this stage of life? I tried to dive deep into this and according to my understanding………
We all have taken birth to evolve. Our souls have to learn something and evolve. Either we Heal ourselves and evolve or we experience, learn something, and keep evolving till the stage our soul has this understanding of incompleteness. It needs validation from the outside to feel complete. When we Heal our soul, actually our soul gets this understanding that it is complete and so does not need
any external validation.

A deep understanding of “I AM, WHAT I AM” 
I am happy the way I am and if we are not following any healing modality then we reach this stage of understanding with our experiences. It's not ego, it's not giving up either. Rather it is an evolution of our soul. More or less we all are going to reach at this stage because somewhere in this whole journey ‘LIFE’ is all about reaching that one destination of understanding who I am.

But yes I feel we definitely need to do a reality check when we say I don't want to justify myself. Check what is happening inside you. If there is little bitterness/anger then it's an illusion of evolution NOT evolution in the true sense. This means we still have to learn. On the other hand, if I feel peace within, no turbulence inside while saying I don't want to justify myself that is actually a true evolution. A deep understanding of  “Your words will not decide my identity”. 

“Your words are your perception, not mine”. I feel it's kind of bliss between all Chaos around you. You are just happy with yourself and not looking at others to approve, admire, or accompany you. I was thinking I was becoming INDIFFERENT. I have started enjoying my solace. People’s presence or absence doesn’t matter to me anymore. There is no attachment to things left. My whole bunch of 15 favorite sarees got destroyed to the extent that I will never be able to wear them again. But there was not a bit of sorrow after a few minutes. And I realized it's detachment in a very positive way.  Now that's a very different insight. Will pen down some other day.


- Geeta Ranga


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