Growing With Nature

There is so much to learn from nature I feel. If we clearly observe we can actually have great learnings and understanding from NATURE. I have been observing this TREE in front of my house for the past 15 days and I found how beautifully it has imbibed the concept of LET GO!

It started shedding off its old leaves and one day left with absolutely NO leaf. It wasn’t really looking good. But the tree knows that it's important to shed old leaves to give space to new ones. Holding on to old /past experiences, and memories that are no longer needed and blocking your growth has to be shed off. Only then you can make space for something new in LIFE.
For a few days, it had no leaves as if it was still preparing for new ones patiently trusting the whole process. We generally miss out on this when we are losing something in life. Can we also learn to have that PATIENCE and trust the universe that it is going to offer us something NEW and good?


The process might be painful for the tree, detaching a part of its being that has been an identity for a period of time, shedding its own leaves. But how beautifully it has understood that it is MANDATORY for its TRANSFORMATION.
Can WE also learn how mandatory it is to LET GO! Just let go off the past.
There was this little birdie I noticed every day coming and sitting on the tree even when there was no single leaf left. As if it was telling the tree “ Hey ! It's a temporary phase. I am there with you”. Can we also be compassionate when we see people around us going through a tough phase? Can we also just be with them and say “It's okay ! It's a temporary phase. I am there with you”
Everyone has to fight their own battle and go through their transformation journey but yes it matters who was standing with them during tough times.
Slowly new leaves started coming. So many little butterflies I saw hovering around the tree as if welcoming new life. WOW! it was so beautiful. And that little birdie was still there. I wish I could have talked to those butterflies, birds, and trees. But yes I found that during this process something was growing inside me as well.

Now I started watching that tree daily first thing in the morning. Beautiful light green color leaves started coming. The tree was moving towards NEW LIFE. NEW HOPE, NEW BEGINNING. And in just a few days these new leaves embraced the whole tree.


How this nature effortlessly goes into the whole journey of transformation.
Grow with nature. Let go of the past. Embrace the FUTURE and TRUST it is going to be the best for you.

Thank you Universe !!


- Geeta Ranga


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