Alignment with Universe

One major lesson which I learnt is that we cannot control somebody else's experience in life.

Every soul has come on this earth to have its own journey, learnings and experiences  and unfortunately we do not know that.

What we generally do is based on our insecurities good or bad we try to control other’s experiences. At times we try to protect our loved ones and do not want them to suffer but since this is against the law of nature so we can’t control their experiences.

We see a lot of resistance in this process. It is definitely not going to happen how much ever we try. When we are trying to fix a situation, a repetitive pattern in our life we are actually trying to control it as per our wish. If we witness it ,we will find that in that fixing the situation it is not only me who is involved. There are actually other persons also and that is where we are going wrong because we are trying to fix their life, their experience and their soul’s learning.


Now I feel that rather putting in so much energy in all this there are few simple things we are required to do.

1. Bring it in awareness that after your so many efforts if you are still struggling hard in fixing the situation then it means you are not in alignment with the universe. You are not in alignment with your purpose, alignment with your learnings. This first step of awareness will itself start bringing the shift.

2. Alignment is always free flowing effortless.

Give yourself an understanding what best you can do for yourself in this situation. The moment you shift your energy  towards “YOUR” evolution you will start experiencing the ease because that's how the nature works.

Pray to Universe that bring yourself in the alignment with the purpose of your life. YOUR purpose. You will see things will start falling in place as if god is solving the Jigsaw Puzzle for you. No resistance and believe me this is amazingly miraculous. How I visualized this………….

A mother has given pieces of Jigsaw puzzle to her child. The child has not seen the actual picture yet. He is trying to put in the pieces and trying to make sense out of those pieces. He is getting confused and frustrated and feel that it is not possible to make out anything from this and he leaves it or maybe ask the mother to do it for him.

The mother asks the child “have you seen the real actual pictures?”

The child says NO. Then mother shows him the picture and says that she is going to make this picture for him .  The Child  sits quietly and the mother starts putting all pieces together according to that picture.

It is done in few minutes. It was so easy. So effortless.

Somewhere in our life also we all are designed for some purpose. THAT PICTURE IS ALREADY MADE FOR US.

Trust  the mother (God) like a child. Start putting those pieces according to that picture. Yes it will start making sense and will not bring resistance.

Everyone Has come on earth with their own picture and Jigsaw  puzzle. Try to fix and align to YOURS  not others. Be in this awareness  always.


By Geeta Ranga




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